Solomon Desai Walters 2020 – 2020

Solomon Desai Walters

February 7 2020 – February 8 2020

Solomon’s Story
At 32 weeks into my pregnancy, I was informed that my baby had a severe congenital heart defect, we were told that the baby would not survive once he was born, there were no surgical interventions that would save his life, this was the most devastating news we could have been given.  There was nothing else I could do but carry him to term. With this devastating diagnosis Ransom and I decided to provide him comfort care, rather than putting him through much pain and suffering, we wanted to spend whatever time we had with him, loving on him, cuddling with him, sharing special moments with him, rather than him being placed in the Neonatal ICU with tubes and wires connected to him, where we would not have been able to love on him or hold him.

The definition of the word miracle is the following, an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment.  Let’s just think about that for a moment, We all prayed that our son, Solomon, could be healed and live a long healthy life.  We wanted that miracle, but God gave us another miracle instead, On February 7, 2020 at 2:11 in the afternoon, I gave birth to a 6 lb, 3 ozs bouncing baby boy, he was 19,5 inches long at 37 weeks.  During my Labor there were times I thought wasn’t going to be able to do it.  I wanted to quit, I just wanted it to end.  With each and every contraction, fear came over my body because I did know if this contraction would be the one that his little heart couldn’t take. Close to 24 hours after the induction process began and 45 minutes of active labor, baby Solomon was born.  When he finally came out, I remember listening for his cry, but I couldn’t hear it.  I remember asking if he was alive and then I heard his little cry.  I was overcome with joy, so much joy.  The room was filled with amazing praises.  We were able to baptize him.  Filled with total exhaustion, all I wanted to do was hold him close.  We, his daddy and I, were both exhausted and afraid to sleep.  We called one of our Godmothers and asked her to come and sit with us.  My mother and father came as well.  Solomon was so cold at the time and did not want to eat, I noticed his breathing was getting harder and harder, We gave him the nickname “Squeak” because he would squeak like a little mouse with each breath he took.  Ransom, Solomon and laid in the hospital bed together.  Aunt Mary positioned him between us so that we could get some rest, and he would be safe right next to us.  I would start to dose off, but then I would awaken because I wanted to make sure he was still with us.  I then asked Mama and Aunt Mary to take him for a little while and keep watch while Ransom and I could get a little sleep.  He and I both curled up together and went to sleep.  I think it may have only been an hour or so when the nurse woke me for vitals and helped me to the restroom.  I got out of bed and told Aunt Mary that I wanted to hold him and do skin to skin with him.  we undressed him and he was placed in my arms, while holding him close to me I looked at his face and I could see the pain, the discomfort and anguish he was experiencing with each labored breath he took.  I woke Ransom and told him we needed to give him the medication that was ordered to make him more comfortable for he was struggling.  We were both so afraid that the meds would stop his will to fight, The meds were given; I put him to my chest and rocked him,  We sang with him, we prayed with him and Ransom again blessed him with Holy Water.  Then I noticed that I couldn’t tell if he was still breathing. I asked Aunt Mary to check, she acted like she couldn’t tell and went out to get the nurse, our worst fear was coming true as it was confirmed that our sweet precious little boy had passed.  Solomon entered into his eternal slumber at 01:54 am, on February 8, 2020.  We may have not gotten the Miracle we wanted
but we did get a Miracle nonetheless.  We were able to spend precious time with him, We were able to experience what being parents felt like, we were able to hear his first cry. we were able to see his eyes open and he would stare at us with this intense love.  We witnessed his first smile, his first coos.  We experienced him turning his head toward the sounds of our voices, as to say, I’ve heard those words before.  We got to hold him, snuggle with him, dress him and attempted to feed him, but most importantly
our baby got to experience pure love and oh was he loved.  We had some precious and sweet moments with our baby boy and they will be cherished forever.  We so badly wanted him for a lifetime.  Why God gave Ransom and I this assignment, I don't know, but God knew that we could handle it.  I know all of you want to help us and offer support.  We need it now more than ever.  Both Ransom and I don’t like to bother anyone, so we probably won’t ask for much, however we will accept any generosity that is offered.  With that being said, if there is something you would like to do for us we would gladly appreciate and accept what is done with much thanks and love. So please, keep in touch and keep us covered in prayer.  Before I end Solomon’s story I must share with you our experience with Texas Children’s Hospital

Women’s Center.  This experience was one like no other I ever experience from any health care providers I ever used.  We experience nothing other than respect, kindness, empathy, compassion, professionalism.  Each person we met were very skilled in their field of expertise, beginning with the clerical staff, the techs, the nurses, the physicians, the housekeeping staff, the social workers, diabetic educators, the nutritionist, just everyone.  They made us feel welcomed, we felt cared for, and understood.  We were given as much time we needed to absorb all that was happening, we never felt rushed, we never had to wait long hours to be seen, our wait time was about 20 mins at to most for each specialist we seen,  We were kept well informed about each aspect of care and what our plan of care entailed.  Ransom and I or so very thankful and will ever be grateful for the awesome care we received and having the opportunity to deliver our sweet baby boy in this beautiful and wonderful environment.  We would highly recommend TCHWC services to anyone who are need of care.  We are thankful to God for placing the staff and facility in our path.  Thanks to everyone for allowing us to share our sweet baby Solomon’s story.
Love Ransom and Shannon